(sō’-shē-ǔs)  n.  (Latin)
a  partner, comrade,
associate, ally
Socius Capital provides financing to closely-held middle market companies seeking a
partner to replace an outgoing equity holder or to fund an acquisition strategy.  

From offices in Sun Valley, Atlanta, Tampa and San Francisco, Socius works with
companies throughout the western and southern United States.

Over the course of extensive careers managing and investing in mid-cap businesse
the principals have developed a disciplined financing approach to  add
ress the needs
of selling shareholders of closely-held organizations and then becoming the new
partner that remaining owner/managers desire and deserve.  We work hard to help
drive significant increases in equity value for our partners - both remaining
owners/managers and our co-investors.  

Our investment philosophy can best be summarized as follows:

  • Back builders of closely-held businesses

  • Provide financing (debt and/or equity) and expertise to proven, profitable
    companies with business plans that have manageable execution risk

  • Focus on event-driven transactions, such as generational transitions,
    growth through acquisitions, partnership disputes and recapitalizations
    to buy out retiring or inactive shareholders

  • Provide flexible capital structures that utilize combinations of debt and
    equity financing to minimize dilution to existing owners

  • Support portfolio companies through active board participation and by
    facilitating access to world-class functional expertise to create enduring
    equity value
P. O. Box  7680
Ketchum, Idaho 83340
(415) 235-3260
“Like other interpersonal
relations, sometimes
what started great with a
business partner needs,
well, to change.

Socius Capital brings
financing, real-world
business experience,
and a willingness to be
flexible to help remaining
owners/managers take
their business to new
levels of success.”