Current Portfolio
In July 2006, Socius Capital completed a recapitalization of On The Scene Productions,
Inc, a Los Angeles-based pioneer in the field of electronic publicity.  Funding for the
transaction was provided by Socius Capital, with support from an institutional fund and
a group of private investors.
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Ketchum, Idaho 83340
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In December 2008, Socius Capital helped Trevor Armstrong acquire Wazee
Companies, LLC from his retired father.  Trevor had been in the business all his life
and had been successfully running the company for the prior several years.  To
accomplish this generational recapitalization, Socius Capital led an investor group that
included a Boston based institutional investor and a group of high net worth individuals
in providing a combination of preferred stock and subordinated debt.  A local bank also
provided a senior debt facility.

In January 2010, Socius assisted Wazee in the purchase of H&N Electric, thereby
significantly expanding Wazee's ability to provide service and parts to wind farms, to sell
and service overhead cranes/hoists and to repair and sell new electric motors
throughout the western US. See press release here:
Wazee Acquires H&N

In Pacific Pharmacy Group was formed in 2007 to pursue a focused strategy of
acquiring independent, small footprint pharmacies located in medical office buildings
and hospital campuses in southern California.  They currently operate nine units with a
number of additions pending.  While typically a thin margin business, PPG has been
able to materially improve unit level operating economics through volume purchasing
and implementation of more sophisticated accounting and control systems.
Prior Investments
In November 2010, Socius led a non-control investment into two Denver, Colorado
based, jointly owned businesses; Intertech Plastics, Inc. and Twist Body Brands.  
The capital was used for growth initiatives, including equipment purchases,
expanded distribution, product line extensions and working capital.

Intertech ( is a leading plastics molding manufacturer in
the Rocky Mountain Region, with a particular emphasis on large, inefficient to ship
products.  Over its history, the business has developed core competencies in
injection molding, blow molding, contract assembly, pad printing, and fulfillment
services. Intertech serves customers in the consumer, industrial, electronic and
automotive industries.  The high cost of transporting many of the products it
manufactures provides the business with a significant regional competitive

Twist ( is a rapidly growing business that has pioneered
the concept of packaging premium quality health and beauty products into unique,
one-of-a-kind containers, that can best be described as “beauty accessories” for
women to use out-of-the-home as a way of creating a fashion statement. While the
initial focus has been on a ball shaped, low price point, lip balm product, the
applications are only limited by one’s imagination and include perfumes, breath
sprays, cosmetics, pill boxes, etc.  Over the past year, Twist’s management team
has developed a new hat box shaped product, “Lip Presence,” that was introduced in
late 2010.  This product was a finalist for the prestigious “Best New Product” award,
Beauty Accessory Category at the 2010 New York International Gift Fair. Twist holds
several product design trademarks as well as proprietary expertise with regard to the
printing technology.

Socius Capital focuses on investment opportunities where management partners
acquire or maintain a significant equity interest.